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Friday, September 9, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 released on September 2015, It is smart galaxy tab with nice features exceptionally lightweight and slim. Its rail-thin design is comfortable and ultracompact. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has bright and vividly colorful screen, a premium tablet that doesn’t disappoint. Good software features make the new Galaxy Tab one of the best tablets to date.

Tablet Samsung galaxy seri S2 offer the user an ideal environment for performing office tasks. With Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the user will feel uninterrupted problem in work time. Creating documents or editing existing ones is a breeze with MS Office solutions. So is accessing them any time, from any device with OneDrive cloud storage.

Having this tablet you can work smarter between devices, You can share your screen with compatible TVs using Quick Connect. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has system SideSync to make you easy connect your tablet to the other compatible smartphone for quickly drag and drop files between devices. Even respond to a text message or answer a call to your smartphone directly from your tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 provide 8 Mega Pixel camera and f/1.9-apperture lens, It's allow you to take brighter and crisper pictures and videos than ever before, even in low-light conditions. View your photos and videos in superb clarity on the device’s large Super AMOLED screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is so easy to carry around, the barely-there description of its presence is akin to an advertisement for pantyhose or Invisalign braces. with his 9.7" (245.8mm) It’s perfect for travel, thin metal design that offers a premium look and feel and a weight so light you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. Let's take a look more about Sansung Galaxt Tab S2!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung company on 2nd September 2010 in Berlin introduce their first tablet computer (a mobile computer, larger than a mobile phone or personal digital assistan) with an Android system for the operating program. They called as Samsung Galaxy Tablet. We know that the Apple cooperation has launched Apple's iPad propelled tablets headfirst into the mainstream consciousness, It's look seems only.

However, Samsung Galaxy at that time released with 7-inch on size. It is significantly smaller than Apple's 9.7-inch device, that slips easily into a pocket or bag. The Samsung Galaxy tab runs version 2.2 of Google's Android operating system, Came with 16GB and 32GB versions. Features with TFT-LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi capability, a 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Samsung Exynos 3110 (code-named "Hummingbird") processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch TFT LCD screen has a maximum resolution of 1,024x600 pixels with mDNIE (Mobile Digital Natural Images Engine). The capacitive screen is extremely responsive and matches the iPad in terms of sensitivity. The tablet has two cameras: a 3.2 rear MP camera with a LED flash and a 1.3 MP front camera for video calling (the Verizon model has a 3 megapixel rear camera).

When in the market many people want to buy the Samsung Galaxy 7-inch Tablet, Next generation came as Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch Plus. With more interesting features, style and size, the Samsung Galaxy continuously upgrade their product especially on the software system to make the user more love and interest to have the Samsung Tablet for communication.

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